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PROENGIN: Excellence in CBRN threat management !

 Proengin is a French company founded in 1972 that develops, manufactures and markets Chemical and Biological detection systems.

 Proengin’s sensors are designed to detect in few seconds very small quantities (some micrograms per cubic meter) of chemical warfare agents of all kinds, from mustard gas that was used during World War-I to the most recent Novichok agents that had stricken four persons in UK recently.

Besides chemical agents the same sensors detect biological warfare agents such as Anthrax.

The technology used by Proengin, flame spectrophotometry, is unique in worldwide CBRN field. This technology consists in burning gas or particles (in a tiny flame) and analyze the light of the flame.

The different spectra of that light gives the nature of burned atoms and therefore the presence of toxic chemical or biological warfare agents.

Proengin's detection equipment is used by first reponders (army, police, fire fighters, anti-terrorist units, border control) of 72 countries!


AP4C is an improved version of portable chemical detector AP2C originally developed by Proengin upon request of French army . Detection capacity of AP2C has been doubled therefore the range of detectable chemical warfare agents was wildly extended. Today, Ap4C can detect in a simultaneous way all dangerous compounds containing Sulfur, Phosphorous, Arsenic and/or HNO chemical bond. AP4C has the capacity to work in very severe environmental conditions (highly humid, dusty, muddy and explosive areas) and all measurements remains unaffected by the presence of other organic chemical compounds such as paint or bleach.   Moreover, AP4C will detect without upgrade new agents that will be developed in the future, as well as still not precisely known agents like Novichok agents (or Non-traditional agents).   The response time is the shortest on the worldwide market, but what makes AP4C unique is also the shortest (quasi instantaneous) recovery time after the positive detection. AP4C is therefore the chemical detector that has the highest level of availability on the field.


MAB is a new generation of biological field detector !   With a proven extremely low false alarm rate, the detector MAB has the unique capacity to discriminate from natural background dangerous or suspicious biological particles such as Anthrax.   The very reliable detector MAB has been adapted to be mounted on track vehicles. Important point is that MAB insensitive to diesel exhausts. The armies of more than 70 countries are equipped by our Biological and Chemical detectors.   Thanks to the flame spectrophotometry technology used in all Proengin detection systems, MAB able to operate in very severe outside conditions, shows the lowest false alarm rates (negative and positive) and requires very reduced maintenance service.   MAB is non-stop monitoring detector and therefore the chemical detector that has the highest level of availability on the field.

Chemical and Biological  Detection with only one sensor

Proengin has developed a unique system, AP4C-VB, able to detect simultaneously Chemical and Biological threats.   AP4C-VB has been developed, as all Proengin Detection devices using Flame Spectrophotometry technology.   Chemical threats are detected by presence of some specific signature characteristic for Chemical Warfare agents or Toxic Industrial gases and Biological threats are detected by discriminating bacteria from other particles present in the atmosphere. 

One and only sensor inside AP4C-VB allows those two types of detection simultaneously and instantaneously, and, to propose most economical Chemical and Biological threats detection system on the market. 

AP4C-FB is non-stop 24/7 and self-contained version of that combined chem-bio  detector for Critical Infrastructures. Producing by electrolysis own consumable gas AP4C-FB  sharply reduce all expenses on consumables.   The only consumable it needs is a liter of purified water per month (!).   Proengin sensors are operating in more than 70 countries in Armed forces, aboard Navy ships, within Police organizations but also Civil defense organizations.   In addition numerous major critical infrastructures (governmental or international) in  the world are protected by Proengin’s detection systems.