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CARINTHIA/ Lukas Meindl GmbH & Co.KG

Česká zbrojovka a.s./ Meprolight Ltd

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  • stand number: 237


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  • stand number: 118
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  • nomenclature: 3502

MarS a.s.

  • hall:2
  • stand number: 267,

Masaryk University

  • nomenclature: 3505

Mascot AS

  • hall:2
  • stand number: 238C

Maserin Coltellerie s.n.c.

  • hall:1
  • stand number: 120
  • nomenclature: 2

Master Textile Mills Ltd.


Mawashi Science & Technology is a Leading-Edge Defense Research and Development (R&D) Company that develops Game-Changing Exoskeletons for Human Performance Augmentation (EHPA). With a unique combined expertise in Human Factors & Ergonomics, Biomimicry, Impact Management, New Product Development, Multiphysics Engineering, Industrial Design, Concept Art and Systems Integration, Mawashi assures to its clients a Technological Advancement, a Competitive Advantage, and Superiority in the industry. Mawashi offers its services in Research, Design, Prototyping, Manufacturing, and Technology Transfer. Mawashi is dedicated to advancing the cutting-edge of Science and Technology by developing truly innovative solutions.



MAXIMUM Party Service

  • hall:PA13
  • nomenclature: 3402

MAXIMUM Services

  • hall:PA13

McAfee Ireland Ltd.

  • hall:VHII
  • nomenclature: 3600

MEADS International

Medical Rescue Service of South Bohemia Region

Medical rescue service of South Bohemia Region is established by the South Bohemian Region as a separate allowance organization forming a single functional, organizational and economic entity with legal personality. This organization provides 24-hour emergency pre-hospital care in an area of 10 056 km2 with 640 196 inhabitants. The main activity is based on and arrangement of emergency calls to provide pre-hospital emergency care to people with serious health disabilities or life threats and tasks to ensure the preparedness activities on emergency management and crisis situations. Medical rescue service of South Bohemia Region as an organization consists of: • Head office • Medical Operating Centre, • The departure of the bases and the groups • Departure of crisis management, • Educational and training centre Medical rescue service of South Bohemia Region is divided into seven regional centres, which operate the 32 bases. There are 54 groups working nonstop in these bases: • 38 emergency medical assistance groups - RZP (large ambulance vehicles comprising a paramedic and a driver/rescue person) • 6 fast medical aid groups - RLP (large ambulance vehicles comprising a physician, a paramedic and a driver/rescue person) • 10 groups of rendez-vous system - RV (small emergency vehicles carrying a physician and a paramedic) • 1 crew of air rescue services Bases network is arranged on plan of covering the territory of the region so that the place of event is reachable from the nearest departure base within driving time within 20 minutes of receiving the emergency call. For the year, rescuers go to more than 81,700 interventions.

Mehler Vario System



MESIT asd, s.r.o.

R&D and production of military communication systems and aircraft instruments. MESIT is part of the aviation and defense industry for more than 65 years. Tactical communications – comprehensive and interconnected systems of wireless tactical communication for the support of command and control of military operations. Vehicle communication systems – intercoms, active noise reduction (ANR) headsets, PA systems and radio audio monitors. Aircraft instruments – fuel measurement, heating and de-icing system, control units…

MESIT přístroje, spol. s r.o.




MICOREL s.r.o.

Micos spol. s r.o. - divize Telcom

  • nomenclature: 133

Microflown AVISA

Microflown AVISA will be presenting its vehicle mounted Mobile Sound Ranging Array capability. The MSRA provides protection to the armoured vehicle and its dismounted crew, foremost against gunshots, attack helicopters and RPGs. The MSRA also acts like an alternative to a weapon location radar, localizing points or origin, predicting points of impact and supporting fire control. Acoustic payloads will be presented on two Polish unmanned aerial platforms, the Flyeye and a customized multicopter from MSP, allowing acoustic events to be detected and localized more timely and more accurately.

Microflown Technologies

  • hall:2
  • stand number: 252





Military Intelligence is the Intelligence Service of the Czech Republic integrating intelligence and counter-intelligence activities with a focus on defence and security. At the FFF, we will present two of its important components. The National Cyber Operations Center (NCOC), established to provide cyber defence capability and to conduct a wide range of operations in cyberspace. In addition, the National Satellite Centre of the Czech Republic (SATCEN CZE) established this year, responsible for satellite imagery acquisition and analysis used for both military and civilian purposes.

Military Medical Agency of the Czech Armed Forces

The Czech Armed Forces Military Medical Agency is an executive body and a provider of medical services to the Czech Armed Forces. It is directly subordinated to the Division of Support of the Ministry of Defence. All medical facilities with the exception of unit dressing stations and state-funded institutions (military hospitals) report to the Military Medical Agency. Tasks: • Responsibility for the level and quality of provided medical services in primary care; • Competence of the executive body for handling pharmaceuticals, addictive substances, medical drugs and the securing of their quality in the MoD; • Input in the realisation of the performance of the public sphere, including state medical supervision in the area of public health protection, the protection of health from ionising radiation, performance of government function in veterinary area within the MoD; • Medical service provision with the use of own providers; • Evaluation of medical fitness for active military service and participation in the preparation of related legislative measures; • Developing cooperation of the MoD and the Ministry of Health in the domain of pharmaceuticals handling, public health protection, defence and crisis planning; • Delivering complex veterinary care and canine specialisations training • Ensuring the biological defence of forces; • Provision of counselling support and mental health care.

Military Police Headquarters, MoD

  • hall:PA17

Military Research Institute


Vojenský technický ústav, s.p. (Military Technical Institute) offers defense and security R&D services, certified testing, manufacturing and modernization of armament and military technologies for Armed Forces of the Czech Republic as well as for other state or private customers.


Milliken has been solving problems with innovative solutions for more than 150 years. Our research, design and manufacturing expertise reaches across a breadth of disciplines including specialty chemicals, floor covering and performance and protective textiles. An unwavering commitment to ethics guides our work to redefine how we add strength and protection to products, infuse vibrancy and color into our surroundings and care for the environment. With over 35 manufacturing facilities and more than 7,000 associates globally, success is when discoveries made within Milliken help us all have more meaningful connections with the world.



  • nomenclature: 3503

Ministry of Defence - Cyber & IMINT Division

  • hall:4
  • stand number: 409


  • nomenclature: 3503


  • hall:3
  • stand number: 399A + 399B + VP
  • nomenclature: 3500, 3503

Presentation of new technologies, examples of gear and equipment, modern technologies.

Ministry of the Environment / Ministerstvo životního prostředí

  • hall:PA9

Ministry of the Interior / Ministerstvo vnitra

  • hall:4
  • stand number: 480 - Cyber Pavilion
  • nomenclature: 3503

Ministry of the Interior General Directorate of Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic Population Protection Institute

Primary mission of the Fire Rescue Service of CR is to protect life, health and property of citizens against fire, and to provide effective help in emergencies. Fire Rescue Service of CR is one of the basic bodies of the Integrated Rescue System, which has been operating with new structure since 1st January 2001. Under the Act No. 320/2015 Coll. on Fire Rescue Service of CR and on certain regulations, new organisational structure had been established and the basic tasks had been determined. Fire Rescue Service of CR consists of the Directorate General of Fire Rescue Service of CR (DG FRS CR), which is a part of the Ministry of Interior, and of 14 Regional Fire Rescue Services, the Emergency Unit of FRS CR, and the Special Secondary School of Fire Protection and High Special School of Fire Protection in Frýdek-Místek.

Ministry of Transport / Ministerstvo dopravy

  • hall:PA14

MIPESA s.r.o.


  • hall:4
  • stand number: 404
  • nomenclature: 1600, 1624

Producer of Thermal Overboots for cold and wet weather.

Mittler Report - European Security & Defence


  • hall:4
  • stand number: 403
  • nomenclature: 3500, 3502

Mittler Report Verlag GmbH is considered the leading German publishing house in the areas of security and defence policy, armed forces, industry, defence procurement and logistics. With the successful implementation of a new, state-of-the-art editorial concept for the 8-times-per-year EUROPEAN SECURITY & DEFENCE (ESD) and the introduction of the accompanying online newsletter ESD SPOTLIGHT the magazine has taken advantage of significant growth of its international readership and subscriber base since January 2015. EUROPEAN SECURITY & DEFENCE is the only international defence and security periodical with balanced coverage for and of the political, military and industrial environment. As an independent specialist periodical the publishing house’s monthly EUROPÄISCHE SICHERHEIT & TECHNIK (German) is published based on a contractual agreement with the Federal Ministry of Defence and its subordinate office and command structure and serves the entire German-speaking defence and security community. Furthermore, Mittler Report Verlag’s scope of publications includes MARINEFORUM as the leading German monthly on naval and maritime affairs, the WEHRTECHNISCHER REPORT/DEFENCE TECHNOLOGY REVIEW (German/English) and SICHERHEITSTECHNISCHER REPORT (German) series of brochures on dedicated interest segments, the security-political quarterly MITTLER-BRIEF as well as the WEHRWIRTSCHAFT (German) and ESD SPOTLIGHT (English) biweekly online-newsletters. Besides, the publishing house organises domestic and international conferences and symposia addressing selected issues in defence, armament and logistics.


  • nomenclature: 1615





MODELÁRNA LIAZ spol. s r.o.

The history of the LIAZ pattern shop dates back to 1907 and is directly linked to the beginnings of the automotive industry and the establishment of the RAF Company in Liberec. By the 1990´s the production of pattern equipment and molds for the foundry industry was the main subject of activity. Following the privatization and the technological redevelopment in 1996 the LIAZ Pattern Shop was fully integrated into the European (world) automotive industry and gradually became a recognized technological and innovative workplace dedicated to the production of tools and jigs for the automotive industry. Over the past years we, in the prototype and serial production of the automotive industry, have collected a number of processes and technologies, particularly in the area of processing of polyurethanes and plastic materials that can be further applied in other fields (aeronautics, power engineering, design and architecture). Today, the main activity of the company consists in the development, design and production of parts, tools and jigs for the automotive, power engineering and aerospace industries. The LIAZ pattern shop is a purely Czech company with approx. 110 employees. Owners are directly involved in the management of the company, by which the company aims to provide the maximum performance according to customer requirements. We are pleased to work with cutting-edge technologies for customers with demanding requirements. The technology development of the company has been encouraged by the cooperation on research projects within the Czech Republic and EU countries. Within the research and design projects the LIAZ pattern shop processes new technologies in areas of computer science, management, material engineering and tool-making.

Mönch Publishing Group - MILITARY TECHNOLOGY

  • nomenclature: 3502

MORIS design s. r. o.,,


MORIS Distribution is one of the divisions of MORIS design llc. It deals with the import and distribution of premium brands for the Czech and Slovak markets. We are a distributor of the brand for wholesale and B2B. An extensive distribution network covers most of the major stores in both countries. Each of our brands is a leader in its field. Selected products deliver added value in the form of extended warranty up to 25 years! The close relationship with the parent company MORIS Design, which focuses on in-store design and production of POPs and POS materials, enables us to provide brands and the partners as well a over-the-top care. For these markets, it ranks among the most cutting-edge brands among distribution companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

MS LINE, s.r.o.

MS Line Ltd. is a Publishing house and Advertising agency in Security and Defence area. MS Line publishes and distributes exclusive magazine Review for Defence and Security Industry and Czech Defence Industry & Security Review (media platform of the Defence and Security Industry Review), IDET NEWS, Security & Defence Technologies Catalogue etc.

Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre

Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre (MLCC) is designed to coordinate multinational logistics support, consisting in providing assistance to coalition partners in planning and logistics support to current and future operations led by coalition forces, coordination in the field of training and education in the field of logistics, the development of standardization and interoperability in logistics, analysis, applications, and exchange of experience in operations conducted in the area of logistics, coordination of transport and troop movements and the development of international cooperation, which it exercises on the basis of international agreements concluded between States Parties.

MV - GŘ HZS ČR, Institut ochrany obyvatelstva


  • nomenclature: 3500

NÁRODNÍ - Poland

NÁRODNÍ - Slovakia


  • hall:2
  • stand number: 263