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C.P.E. Production Oy

C.P.E. is a ballistic protection/ riot and training equipment manufacturing company headquartered in Finland and with a factory in Prague, Czech Republic. C.P.E. is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AQAP 2110 certified company with a sterling reputation for technological superiority and toe quality manufacture. All our products are certified according to international standards. C.P.E. is today the main supplier of ballistic vests to the Finnish Military Forces, and we supply a numbers of other NATO forces with top quality solutions. We have also won many tenders for Riot and Training solutions for Police, Prison services and Military Forces during 2018, some with long term contracts.


Česká zbrojovka a.s. (CZ) has made its name as one of the leading manufacturers of firearms for service as well as civilian purposes in the world since its establishment in 1936. The current backbone of the production for the armed forces is the new generation of highly advanced CZ weapons: the brand new CZ TSR sniper rifle, the CZ BREN 2 assault rifle and the CZ P-10 C striker fired pistol. This year CZ P-10 C Optics Ready pistol is available. Its modified slide allows easy and highly stable attachment of modern miniature collimator sights.

CLUTEX - Cluster Technical Textiles

CLUTEX – cluster of Czech companies operating in the sector of the development and production of a full range of technical textiles. Special and protective clothing for the armed forces and other law enforcement agencies are an integral part of the development and research projects of the cluster. Their results and outcomes positively affect the quality and utility characteristics of fabrics, knitted fabrics, ribbons and braid from their production, as well as the properties of supplied clothes and their components.

GLOMEX MS, s.r.o.

GLOMEX Military Supplies is one of the leading suppliers of products and services to the Police and Armed Forces. Our main areas of activity are providing equipment to Special Forces, Air Forces & Police including night vision, combat identification, reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles, pilot personal protection equipment, parachute systems and special aviation equipment. GLOMEX Military Supplies continually works with its partners in the long term support and maintenance of equipment that is currently in use by operating its own technical, maintenance and storage facility equipped to work with precision electronics including night vision devices and special aviation equipment.


Hexonia GmbH is a developer and manufacturer of clothing, protection and body armor systems including protective helmet systems as well as a specialist in heat and sweat management, presently suppliying the IdZ clothing system in Germany.



Karrimor SF is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of military load carriage systems. In use today by armed forces around the world. Including all of the UK MoD Personnal Load Carriage Equipment (PLCE) from a magazine pouch to a large infantry rucksack. Our products are well known for their quality and dependability in extremely demanding environments. Karrimor SF works with military end users to ensure that the load carriage requirements of the modern soldier are met and exceeded. Used today by UK and other NATO and allied forces worldwide.


Mawashi Science & Technology is a Leading-Edge Defense Research and Development (R&D) Company that develops Game-Changing Exoskeletons for Human Performance Augmentation (EHPA). With a unique combined expertise in Human Factors & Ergonomics, Biomimicry, Impact Management, New Product Development, Multiphysics Engineering, Industrial Design, Concept Art and Systems Integration, Mawashi assures to its clients a Technological Advancement, a Competitive Advantage, and Superiority in the industry. Mawashi offers its services in Research, Design, Prototyping, Manufacturing, and Technology Transfer. Mawashi is dedicated to advancing the cutting-edge of Science and Technology by developing truly innovative solutions.

PROAMMO Central Europe

PROAMMO Central Europe is engaged in the production of ballistic protection under the HD TEC brand primarily for armed forces. It also deals with the sale of ballistic protective equipment, the tactical equipment of world brands and the sale of weapons and ammunition.

STAP a. s.