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CARINTHIA / Goldeck Textil GmbH

CARINTHIA - a Trademark of Goldeck Textil GmbH CARINTHIA stands for decades of experience in cold protection and insulation. Our products are 100% manufactured in Europe. In this way, the highest manufacture and quality standards of "Made in Europe" can be achieved. For almost 70 years, our company has diligently focused on the production of sleeping bags and cold-weather protection clothing for all climatic zones and temperatures. Whether mounting an expedition in the Arctic / Antarctic, the most adverse conditions in the high mountains or damp night chill of the tropics. The key to this success is our own premium synthetic fiber insulation, G-LOFT®. Developed by Goldeck Textil, and produced at the Seeboden headquarters in Austria, G-LOFT® is warm, light and breathable, even in worst extremes of wet and cold conditions.

GLOMEX MS, s.r.o.

GLOMEX Military Supplies is one of the leading suppliers of products and services to the Police and Armed Forces. Our main areas of activity are providing equipment to Special Forces, Air Forces & Police including night vision, combat identification, reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles, pilot personal protection equipment, parachute systems and special aviation equipment. GLOMEX Military Supplies continually works with its partners in the long term support and maintenance of equipment that is currently in use by operating its own technical, maintenance and storage facility equipped to work with precision electronics including night vision devices and special aviation equipment.

PROAMMO Central Europe

PROAMMO Central Europe is engaged in the production of ballistic protection under the HD TEC brand primarily for armed forces. It also deals with the sale of ballistic protective equipment, the tactical equipment of world brands and the sale of weapons and ammunition.


  • hall: 4
  • stand number: 442
  • nomenclature: 2100, 2199

Sarena industries is producing 66 million dyed fabric, 24 million greige fabric and 1200,000 garments per year. Blends we produce : 100% cotton, 100% Nylon, PC, CVC, PV, cotton nylon, Cotton Viscose, cotton antistatic, Cotton Spandex/Lycra, T 400 stretch, Mechanical stretch etc Special Finishes we Produce : PROBAN FR finish, water Repellent, oil Repellent, chemical and acid repellent, soil release, anti microbial, insect repellent, antistatic Weights we produce : from 60 gsm to 550 gsm Our Expertise : For Military Use : IR controlled Combat camouflage uniforms, Nylon Fabrics, ammunition bags, Goose Down filled Winter jacket & trousers to be used in minus 55 C, Sleeping bags. For others : PROBAN FR garments for Oil, Gas, aviation and mining, , Nurse suits for hospitals, Chemical, acid , water & oil repellent suits for industries, hi-visible suits for construction & aviation. Certificates : NFPA 2112 from UL, NFPA 70 E from UL, ASTM D 1959 from UL, ASTM 1506 from UL, EN 11611, EN 11612, EN 1149, En 61482, EN 20471 etc.