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LIAZ a. s.

LIAZ a.s. is currently engaged in the development and production of unmanned helicopters. This is a new line of business as a continuation of the long tradition of LIAZ truck production. The company was founded in 1951 and later on, having already 10 manufacturing plants with 11,000 employees, was producing up to 13,600 trucks a year. LIAZ a.s. is not just a supplier of unmanned helicopter complexes. The company also offers specialized systems and other specific services (including a whole range of payload systems and software) as well as technical tools associated with the use of a helicopter (SkySpotter 150 B and SkySpotter 150 C simplified specialty versions). Extensive technical and manufacturing experience enables the LIAZ team to introduce innovative technical features during the R&D phase and implement ambitious concepts. With the SkySpotter 150 complex, the customers receive a ready-made solution tailored to their own specific needs.


Created in 2003, Ouvry specializes in CBRN personal protective systems, and is located in France. The product portfolio covers body and respiratory protection, decontamination, as well as innovative products as CWA simulants for training and exercises. Ouvry’s products are intended for a wide range of operators: soldiers and law enforcement staff, firefighters and rescue operators, first-responders, public security civil defence, ministry of health, industry, critical infrastructures and public transportation.

PENNANT International Group PLC


A Czech company REAL TARGET s.r.o. specializes in the development and manufacturing of 3D shooting targets. The 3D targets are designed so as to simulate shooting at real targets and improve the quality of shooting training.