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Since more than 60 years GARANT is developing and manufacturing protective products and armouring solutions. GARANT is a world-wide active and independent family-owned business based in Switzerland and Germany. In close cooperation with our customers we compile the best solutions according to their specific needs. Specialized in ballistic protection we offer state-of-the-art products and services. GARANT with its latest SPS-15 EOD/IEDD Bomb Suit Ensemble together with MAWASHI with its UPRISE Tactical Exoskeleton are forming part in the NATO Project "Integration of the Exoskeleton in the Battlefield".

GLOSYS Electronics

GLOSYS Electronics is an innovative technology company that delivers unique technologies and services to the various industries. Our core business is delivering Search, Detection & Locating Systems, Personal Protective Equipment, Field Instrumentation and Engineering Services, Digital Mapping & Survey Systems for Humanitarian Mine Action, BAC, EOD, CIED and Public Security. We detect danger to save people's lives.


Mawashi Science & Technology is a Leading-Edge Defense Research and Development (R&D) Company that develops Game-Changing Exoskeletons for Human Performance Augmentation (EHPA). With a unique combined expertise in Human Factors & Ergonomics, Biomimicry, Impact Management, New Product Development, Multiphysics Engineering, Industrial Design, Concept Art and Systems Integration, Mawashi assures to its clients a Technological Advancement, a Competitive Advantage, and Superiority in the industry. Mawashi offers its services in Research, Design, Prototyping, Manufacturing, and Technology Transfer. Mawashi is dedicated to advancing the cutting-edge of Science and Technology by developing truly innovative solutions.


MORIS Distribution is one of the divisions of MORIS design llc. It deals with the import and distribution of premium brands for the Czech and Slovak markets. We are a distributor of the brand for wholesale and B2B. An extensive distribution network covers most of the major stores in both countries. Each of our brands is a leader in its field. Selected products deliver added value in the form of extended warranty up to 25 years! The close relationship with the parent company MORIS Design, which focuses on in-store design and production of POPs and POS materials, enables us to provide brands and the partners as well a over-the-top care. For these markets, it ranks among the most cutting-edge brands among distribution companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

QINETIQ North America

  • hall: 3
  • stand number: 311
  • nomenclature: 600, 607

For over 50 years, QinetiQ North America (QNA)has been providing world-class technology development, engineering research and development and revolutionary products to the defense, security and commercial markets. Our product offerings include unmanned systems, vehicle and soldier protection, maritime systems and power sensors and control systems. Customers rely on QNA to increase readiness and situational awareness, protect people and critical assets, improve manufacturing processes, streamline operations and even save lives. QNA is headquartered in Waltham, MA with offices in Franklin, MA, Pittsburgh, PA and Ashburn, VA. QinetiQ North America is a wholly owned, independently operated subsidiary of QinetiQ Group PLC, one of the world’s leading defense and security technology companies.

URC Systems, spol.s r.o.

URC Systems has been developing the comprehensive solutions to address the demanding needs of our customers since 1998. Our complete value chain provided to our customers contains research and development, manufacturing, after-sale service and user training in the areas: command and control of combat and electronic surveillance, reconnaissance and radio jamming, police command, control and service performance, data communication and integration.