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Partners & Sponsors

General Partner of Future Forces Forum

General R&D Partner of Future Forces Forum

Strategic Defence Partner Future Forces Forum

University of Defence

Partner of Future Forces Forum

SCADA Conference 2017 General Partner
Future of Cyber Conference Main Partner
Future of Cyber Conference - Cyber Pavilion Partner


Platinum Partner of the C4I Panel - Future Forces Individual Systems Congress

Gold Partner of the C4I Panel - Future Forces Individual Systems Congress



Silver Partner of the Survivability Panel FFISC




Future of Cyber Conference - Live Hacking Zone Partner & Workshop Slot Partner

SCADA Conference 2017 Main Partner

CyberGym Europe 

SCADA Conference 2017 Partners
Kaspersky ABB Flowmon  
Grey Cortex   VUT Trend Micro Paloalto  
  Bohemia Market CZ    


 Service Partners

Main Technical Partners

       PVA Expo Prague Sorsya  Diebold Nixdorf Zebra Technologies


General Partner - Future of Cyber Conference 2016

Platinum Partner - World CBRN & Medical Congress 2016


            Platinum Partner - CBRN Workshop 2016               

Platinum Partner - Military Advanced Robotic Systems 2016


Platinum Partner - Logistics Capability Workshop 2016

        Platinum Partner - Medical Workshop 2016        



Gold Partner FSSC 2016

Gold Partner CEBIRAM & MARS 2016 Gold Partner CEBIRAM 2016
CEBIRAM Gold Partner


Gold Partner CEBIRAM 2016  



Silver Partner FSSC 2016

Silver Partner GEOMETOC 2016

Partner - Multinational Training Centre for Jet Pilots


Partners CYBER TRENDS - Future of Cyber Conference 2016

Microsoft CyberGym Europe Fortinet


Cyber Pavilion Sponsor 2016
Gordic, Cyber Pavilion Sponsor


CYBER TRENDS - Future of Cyber Conference 2016
 Topic Sponsors Partner Slot & Table Top    Cyber Workshops Partners


Media Partners