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Military Health Institute - Biological Defence Department participates in the dynamic and static demonstrations


FUTURE FORCES FORUM will comprise a wide programme of dynamic and static demonstrations. Biological Defence Department, Military Health Institute of the Czech Armed Forces will present its capabilities and equipment, such as a Mobile Isolation Unit, military special vehicle BIOROVER SCAM, and PHEL-2 wheeled hygienic and epidemiological lab facility.

BIOROVER SCAM is a vehicle for specialized SIBCRA units designed to perform operations in biological incident place. This vehicle is constructed for mild to moderate tarrain. The truck box body provides laboratory space that is sufficiently sealed and protected by a carbo and HEPA air filter system. Indoor climate is controlled by heating and air conditioning. The crew consists of a team of Commander – expert, lab technician and driver. The special vehicle provides the rear for biological survey activities:

  1. Collection samples equipment in hot zone - The vehicle is equipped with IPE up to the highest degree of protection, further by a decontamination shower and with sampling kits ( placed in a trailer).
  2. Samples reception - Samples are aquired through the pass chamber to third degree glove biological box.
  3. Samples processing for analysis - Samples processing for kit tests and DNA extraction are performed in third degree glove biological box.
  4. Rapid biological agent identification - For quickly identify are used commercial kit tests on the priciple of antigen-antibody reaction for provisonal identifikacion close the biological incident site. For confimatory identification can be used RT PCR method. 
  5. Biohazard samples storage and transport - The vehicle is sufficiently secure for biohazard samples storage and their transport to reference labs.
  6. Biological aerosol detection - The vehicle allows to place a base station of biological aerosol warning system  and to provide the monitoring in buffer zone of protected area.

Mobile Isolation Unit is designed  to isolate and treat patients suffering from highly contagious diseases. Isolation system is represented with portable isolation chambers IsoArk, a fast deployable, modular structure tents completed with integrated filtration system providing negative pressure inside in the unit. Based on causing pathogens, health care providers are equipped with personal protective equipment. SOPs are needed to ensure proper decontamination procedures, liquid and solid waste management etc.

Wheeled hygienic and epidemiological lab facility PHEL-2 was established to perform of selected basic laboratory tests for the needs of military medical service providing sanitary and epidemiologic support of troops in the field.

The solid part of lab module is positioned  on the chassis of the truck TATRA 815 with integrated medium body and with built-in indoor technology. The special trailer of vehicle is designed for storage of material intended to deployable workplace as a field shelter (soft part of lab module) and joined  to lab module placed on the truck platform (particularly the tent and interconnecting tunnel). There is an electrical generator with an output of 16 kW built-in a trailer and providing an independent power source of lab facility operation.

Wheeled hygienic and epidemiological lab facility is equipped to conduct  the routine spectrum of microbiological and hygienic tests in standard operation. Special equipment and supplies is necessary to acquire from the fixed laboratory.