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Metal Arsenal s.r.o. participates at FFF


Metal Arsenal s.r.o.  is a developer and manufacturer of collapsible  and portable products for environmental protection produced under the brand Eccotarp.
Products are mainly used by rescuers and firefighters, by the army and police in accidents for capturing leaks of hazardous substances.
They also have also proven to be useful to prevent spills during storage or transport of substances in industry and transport.
Eccotarp products include: spill bunds, funnels, sorbent carts, magnetic drain covers, high-capacity tanks, berms, collapsible hexagons tanks etc. 
All products are collapsible , multifunctional, easily portable, resistant to oil products and chemicals.
Through combination of these unique properties the products Eccotarp have achieved a great success and are sold throughout Europe as well as in the US and Canada.
Metal Arsenal s.r.o. is an exclusive distributor of rescue manikins Ruth Lee for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.