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RS DYNAMICS participates at FFF


RS DYNAMICS is a leading company within handheld, field use devices to concur terroristic threats with cutting-edge scientific results that are able to detect fast and reliable explosives and other hazardous compounds. The company success is based on several award winning, patented technologies that have been developed by an international R&D team. Products being sold worldwide with several hundred pieces deployed in almost every continent and used mainly by police forces or military to protect public. 
The leading product within the explosive trace detection unit, the miniEXPLONIX as an ultra-handheld device, has been deployed with several hundred pieces around the globe. Our customers value the high resistance against cross-talks, fast start-up times and robustness even in most hostile conditions with temperature shocks and high humidity. At RS DYNAMICS we strive to develop those successful products even further, going with our slogan “science for homeland safety”.