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CB SERVIS CENTRUM and FN Herstal participates at FFF


In the frame of "Czech Army Land & Special Forces Capabilities Development Project" company CB Servis Centrum, representing FN Herstal armory, introduced upgrade kits for FN machineguns adopted by Army of the Czech Republic:
- M2HB-QCB heavy machinegun, untill now used by Army of the Czech Republic only as mounted weapon on technicals (LOV Iveco LMV, KOT Pandur, SOV Kajman): offer to include to each weapon/vehicle standard tripod allowing to dismount weapon from vehicle and use it in a standard infantry position. This solution significantly facilitate maintenance, cleaning and/or repairs mostly in the field and also increase units combat capabilities especially in the case of vehicle damage/disablement.
- FN heavy and general purpose mounted machineguns (M2HB-QCB, Minimi): introducing for the first time in the Czech Republic optical gun-sights D.I.Optical; those state-of-the-art products are developed in close cooperation of USA and Republic of Korea and are widely used by US Air, Naval, Land and Special Forces.
- Minimi 7,62: new upgrade kit from Mk.I version (currently in use of CZ Armed forces) to Mk.III, consisting notably new type of a telescopic stock, new handguard/forend, charging handle and barrel heat-shield. This kit significantly increasing end-user comfort and allows more effective combat use especially during mobile operations.
- MAG COAX: For coaxial machineguns mounted already at turrets of KOT (APC) Pandur will be introduced so-called Emergency Infantry Kit, which allows the gun to be dismounted from vehicle and used as infantry weapon; this solution is important benefit for combat readiness of a vehicle crew in the case of vehicle damage/disablement.