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AVEC CHEM to Exhibit at Future Forces 2024




AVEC CHEM, company from the Czech Republic, designs, develops and manufactures personal and collective protective equipment against chemical, biological and radioactive substances.

AVEC CHEM's products protect soldiers, police officers, first responders, medical staff, firefighters and industry workers in more than 60 countries in 5 continents.

Years of experience, close contact with users, innovative approach, use of the most modern technologies and materials, this all have helped AVEC CHEM to develop a new generation of light, comfort and highly reliable PPE, which are unfailing even in the most exacting situations. Moreover, they are highly compatible with all kinds of modern protective equipment.

AVEC CHEM manufactures and delivers a complete range of filters against toxic substances, full face masks, tactical half masks, mouth pieces, escape hoods and permeable protective suits. With its collective filters AVECH CHEM equips armoured vehicles, battle tanks, shelters of civil defence and critical infrastructure.

AVEC CHEM has available, as a part of its production premises, a fully equipped laboratory for researching and testing all types of personal protective equipment.




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Meet AVEC CHEM Team at Future Forces 2024

AVEC CHEM will present its portfolio in Hall 3 at Future Forces Exhibition, 16-18 October 2024, Prague.