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Homeland Security and Resilience II Conference


Last Monday, we held our long-awaited conference "Homeland Security and Resilience II" at the Chamber of Deputies. We addressed some of the most critical security challenges facing Czech Republic, including:

Cybersecurity and Cognitive Warfare: Exploring vulnerabilities in civil infrastructure and the emerging threat of cognitive warfare.

Geopolitical Changes and Strategic Defense: Discussing the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, NATO membership, and the need for peacetime defense preparation.

Societal Resilience and Critical Infrastructure Protection: Addressing protection against terrorism, pandemics, and natural disasters, emphasizing societal resilience.

Combatting Disinformation and Hybrid Threats: Highlighting ongoing conflicts in the information space and the need for thorough preparation.

Emerging Technological Threats: Risks associated with technologies like espionage-capable chips in electric vehicles and the need for legislative measures.



Source: Conference report by Katerina Urbanova, ACE